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Water Softeners and Water Treatment Devices from Splendid Products
2002 -2016
Suppliers of Water Softeners, Water Filters, Water Conditioners and general water treatment products.

In your country you are probably lucky enough to have fresh water delivered to your home through a tap and what's more you can drink it. Over 1 billion people in the world still do not have fresh water and it is estimated that by 2025 half the world will be short of clean water. To make the very best of your precious water resource you can treat it to greatly improve it. This site introduces you to some truly remarkable products which do just that. We have been supplying water treatment products for 12 years and each one comes with a money back guarantee. Please look at the guarantees for each product as they may vary. Splendid Products Limited has been in business since 2002 and we pride ourselves on our customer service. We can be reached by telephone on 01235 86254001235 862540 and someone will answer your call quickly or call you back if you leave a message.

Our Product Range


The Little Plumber range is at the forefront of this technology and employs a system that delivers a pre-set range of low frequency radio waves into the hard water though the pipes (all pipes including plastic) by winding aerials around them. The effect is to cause the precipitation in the water of the Calcium and Carbonate ions which are effectively dissolved chalk, in huge quantities. The result are trillions of minuscule crystals of chalk which stay in colloidal suspension. The existing limescale deposits then take up this new crystal form and the plumbing system becomes scale free. Another advantage is that because the free Calcium ions have precipitated out in the water it becomes softer and although not as soft as when treated by an ion exchange system is still noticeably softer. Many people prefer this kind of water as it is not so "slimy"

There are obviously huge advantages in this system as there is no maintenance and the running costs are minimal. The other big advantage of both the Active Ceramic (see later) and Electronic treatments is that the water is drinkable all round the property from any tap. It is well known that the consumption of hard water is preferable over soft and that Calcium is a vital element in healthy metabolism. Soft water without the Calcium ions as found in nature is often the cause of many diseases including heart disease and poor skeletal and teeth development.

How to install Little Plumber - Watch the Video


In the OLYMPIA model and the NO SALT range the hard water passes through a medium of active ceramic beads. The hard cold water has the dissolved salts of Calcium and Carbonate in solution in the water and the medium causes these to re-combine in huge quantities of tiny chalk crystals which because of their minute size stay in “colloidal suspension” and the water becomes softer although the chalk crystals are still present. It is only free Calcium and Magnesium ions which because they are uncombined cause hardness.

In the OLYMPIA range there is no further treatment and the water remains soft and will not cause limescale to develop.

In the NO SALT range, the medium consists of ceramic and resin beads and again causes the precipitation of Calcium and Carbonate ions as chalk crystals. There is also a zinc anode to further cause precipitation and this is followed by a filter to remove some of the precipitated crystals. Finally there is a dosing pot which introduces a miniscule (5 parts per million) of a Chelating solution which further causes the ions to combine. This solution is called food-grade because it is totally harmless and found in nature as such chemicals as citric acid (found in fruits)


In cold water storage tanks there is always a risk of contamination from dead rats, mice, birds and other detritus. Over the last 12 years we have been supplying a revolutionary product called CERAMOKIL This consists of active ceramic tubes which are dropped into the water storeage tank and remain there for 3 years. The units protect from a wide variety of bacteria including Legionella so when you have a shower or brush your teeth you know you are protected.

Ceramokil tube that simply drops into your header tank. and kills pathogens in your cold water.


The domestic water filter not only FILTERS out any debris and small solids that are in your water but most contain GRANULAR ACTIVATED CHARCOAL (G.A.C.) to remove smell and in particular the smell of chlorine and other chemicals added to domestic water when treated. By removing the chlorine of course you also remove the anti-bacterial addition to the water so it is imperative to malke sure that all filters have an additional trreatment to kill off pathogens. We use silver and the active ceramics have rare metals which also act as bacteriocides.

We have featured 3 domestic water filters. No matter how great the water coming out of your tap you will find the taste and smell improves when it is filtered. All the units can be installed by a competent DIY person.



How about sparkling water on tap? Not from the usual device that charges up a small bottle but a sophisticated counter top tap with three different functions.

This very elegant installation will be the envy of all your visitors and provide you instant chilled sparkling water. You can make a whole range of fizzy drinks and of course it saves buying bottled water


The conventional method of treating hard water is by using an ion-exchange softener. In this system a container or containers with common salt (NaCl) is used to soften the water. The ions of salt, Na+ are exchanged on a resin column with the ions in hard water Calcium Ca+ and Magnesium Mg+ such that they are exchanged for the Sodium Na+ ions. The sodium remains in the water so should not be consumed and a dedicated drinking tap is recommended which bye-passes the softening unit.

The downside of these units is that the effluent which also contains salt is discharged into the sewage and in many States in the USA this has been banned. Also regular addition of salt is required and if you are on a water meter you will pay extra for the water which is lost through regeneration. The water pressure also drops and may have to be boosted. The water however is very soft and some say “slimy”. The cost of both a quality softener and installation is generally around £900.


This is a more expensive way of treating water and incorporates a membrane which in simple terms has hard water on one side and soft water on the other. The side of the membrane with the hard water is put under pressure and this forces the water through the membrane leaving the ions of Ca+ and Mg+ on the high pressure side and leaving the water on the low pressure side virtually free of ions. This water is then soft.

With normal OSMOSIS the pure water would normally pass through the membrane to the side high in ions but by applying pressure to the concentrated side the ions are held back and the process is reversed. This is why the process is called REVERSE OSMOSIS. A cheap reverse osmosis unit would cost around £1000 + installation.